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I’m not really sure where I first read about Movember. I think it was while I was watching the Flyers on TV or maybe it was through Reddit. Either way the idea of growing a mustache to support charity seemed oddly appealing. I am not now nor have I ever been a mustache guy and to the best of my recollection I have never seriously tried to grow one but what the hell. The rules of Movember were/are simple; hit November 1st clean shaven and grow a mustache. If anyone asks about said mustache tell them about the charity and or set up an account online and get folks to sponsor you.
I was unable to follow the exact letter of the contest as I had to shave the first weekend of the month for some family pictures, so I did not do the sponsorship thing but I kept at it the other three weeks and spread the good word.
Here are the results as of Nov 30:

Yeah, kinda mixed results there. I was going for kind of a Val Kilmer in Tombstone look:

but I think I ended up with more of a Shore Leave from the Venture Brothers stache:

I’m clean shaven again but definitely going to give this a shot again next year and see what a full 4 weeks gets me. Props to SepConcerns for staching it up with me!

More soon.

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The Walking Dead

If you like zombies and haven’t been reading this amazing Zombie comic from Robert Kirkman then shame on you. It is more than just gorecandy with great characters and plot lines to go alongside the shambling dead. But good news! AMC is making it into a TV show that kicks off on Halloween. If the show ends up being half as good as the comic it should be well worth watching.
This is a fan made trailer for the show featuring the comics original art work, it is extremely cool. Enjoy.

THE WALKING DEAD “Opening Titles” from Daniel Kanemoto on Vimeo.

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The day he didn’t die

Two weeks ago was my Uncle Tommy’s birthday. He had just come home from the hospital and moved into the assisted living facility instead of my parents house where he had been living the previous four years. His dialysis treatments and mobility limitations had just gotten to the point where my two 60+ year old parents could not keep up. He wasn’t happy about the transition and let people know in his wonderfully sarcastic way. But he was also a realist, he knew this was the way it had to be.
I heard about all of this from my parents or brother as I lived out of town. Tommy didn’t like the “home”, he was cranky, he hated the treatments and PT but all in all he seemed o.k. We made plans as a family to come together and celebrate his birthday today and moved on with life.
But in the last week his health got radically worse. He had another infection they could not find, he went back in for another surgery and had a heart attack while on the table. He made it out of surgery minus some lower intestine and was moved to ICU where he was alive but not much more. My dad called us and we made plans to head up and see him immediately but her said to wait. Tommy wasn’t going to get worse and he wasn’t going to know if we were there, being sedated like he was. Plans for today’s visit stayed solid. Then last Wednesday dad called again, Tommy was in decline and in one of his lucid moments had admitted that he was just tired of fighting. His body had been ravaged by a life of poor decisions and despite trying to clean up and live right while he had stayed with my folks, his mortal shell was failing him. Tommy lapsed back into a morphine induced sleep and the doctors advised that if we removed him from the machines he would be dead within a few hours. There was a long painful discussion where we decided to honor my uncle’s request to take him off the machines if he was not going to recover and we planned to meet on Sat. morning to decide.
Friday night my father called to tell us he had just left Tommy’s bedside and he was the worst he’d ever seen him. He was hooked to every machine in the room, he was breathing through a tube, having his blood recirculated, and just laid there as pale as the sheets, eyes rolled up into his head and hands shaking.
“We are going to disconnect him when you get here tomorrow. The doctors say he’s done, he looks done, I want to do what he asked.”
So we made the drive, gathered as a family, and went to the hospital to say goodbye and try to do right by Uncle Tommy. Only two people are allowed in ICU to visit at a time so my parents went in to see him first. 15 minutes later my father returned to the waiting room looking like he’d seen a ghost.
Oh shit, I thought. He died last night and no one called us…
“Dad, you alright?”
“Yeah, you and Genie can go in next”
“What’s up?”
“It’s Tommy, he looks great”
“Compared to yesterday, he looks amazing, we can’t do this, not with him like that. He’s all there.”
So Genie and I went in and there he was. He recognized us from across the room, waved, smiled his shit-eating grin and we had a 15 minute conversation about everything from the baby to where we were traveling next week on business and Dad was right, he was all there. Do not misunderstand, he still looked haggard, his hands still shook, and he was still a little pale but there was the old glint in his eye that he knew something you didn’t. He started to get tired and we said good bye, he thanked us for visiting and rested his head back as we left.
As we all gathered back in the waiting room with the Dr. we wondered the same question; well now what do we do. The Dr. noted that he was still not in good shape, not at all, but he was a hell of a lot better than the day before. The first and best smart ass I ever knew had pulled one over on us again.
So we are going to stay and visit a few more times, hope that tomorrow is better than today, and maybe the day after is even better. Like Genie said; “maybe at Christmas we will be laughing with Tommy about that day back in July when we all thought he was gonna die.”

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DC Online, holy crap.

Wow, just wow. The trailer for the new DC online game is kick ass.

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Star Wars is bad ass again

Want proof that the Star Wars universe can still be dynamic, kick ass canvas? Check out the newest video from Bioware for the upcoming Old Republic MMO. It does more in 3 minutes than Lucas did in the three prequels.

I also include the first trailer as it kicks a lot of ass as well. (video quality is not as good though)

I just wish Lucas Arts would let Bioware do an entire movie.

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